Creative and technical excellence in sound

From original musical composition to audio narration and podcasts, from Dolby Atmos to 360 VR. Sound design, music, ADR, re-recording and mixing services with the latest integration of generative AI content development for rapid, dynamic and collaborative production processes.

Post production

Services include sound design, bespoke music production, mixing, ADR, foley and voice-over recording.

Dolby Atmos

Dolby Atmos is an audio format that allows the creation of audio for immersive and realistic 3-dimensional experiences.

VO Narration

We provide voice-over narration services in multiple languages for solutions such as eLearning and podcasts.


For eLearning content, regional languages are geolocated and dynamically selected with the help of generative-AI narration.

AI Enhanced

Through our close partnership with Speechify we produce realistic, multi-language VO narration for eLearning.

Original music

At the heart of our talents are original music composition, production, recording and artful, musical production.

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